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Mystery Shopping


The Mystery Shopping System controls all aspects of a mystery shopper program for quality assurance of retail chains. At the start of each four-week period, the system generates a questionnaire for each store that is sent to the field staff assigned to carry out the mystery shop. The questionnaires are generated in such a way that predefined variables such as percentage of weekday and weekend visits, percentage of week one, two, three and four visits,product ordered and time to be ordered are enforced.

Each day a team of phone operators gather results from the field staff and enter these results into the system. This is done via a custom data entry screen that allows for quick input of responses to the thirty or so questions appearing on each questionnaire. These answers are then used to generate store reports which the system faxes and e-mails directly to each store. These store reports contain all results for prior mystery shops for the year, YTD results and a graphical representation of this information.

At the end of each period a complete package of head office reports for the period is sent to the head office. The package comprises control analysis reports by individual question, summary reports by store and a copy of each store produced for the period. A copy of all the period's data is compressed and forwarded for analysis to the main headquarters.

The system is written in VB with Access 97 or SQL Server 6.5 back-end.


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