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WinMach is a manufacturing system for small companies to manage their office procedures from generating a quote, complete kit maintenance, producing job cards, scheduling and invoicing. Kits are made up by a sequence of labour tasks, materials or other kits.

Once a quote is accepted a JobCard can be produced which shows a complete list of tasks to produce each kit. Timesheets are used to record the actual costs of labour / materials. Once completed, this allows a comparison to be made with the theoretical values in the Kit make - ups.

The system can produce requests for quotation to sub-contractors. There is a fully automated connection facility of customers and transactions to M.Y.O.B.Vendors, Debtors are carried across. A new item is produced for each Kit together with its selling price which is inventoried and sold. Labour and material usage is monitored by creating a new item for each shop floor employee and material.

Work in progress is also monitored by assigning a new job for each accepted quote. Stock orders that have been completed cause an increase of stock of the active kits in that quote. Any other order translate to service invoice for that customer. Once a week ( every Monday ) the residual labour inventory items are cleaned out into a holding account and they are replenished by 38 hours. The labour and material transfers are performed on the entries from the time sheet information.

A report can be produced, indicating the complete set of transactions that are pending to be downloaded to M.Y.O.B. A Download Tracking Report can also be produced. Each new quote translates to a new job in M.Y.O.B.

The system is written in MS-Access 97.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 18 August 2009