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Native Title Database


A system for keeping track of Native Title claims and the tenements they covered. The system automatically imported information from the relevant government bodies and GIS spatial information from the hundreds of maps created by the cartography department. The application allowed the Native Title Officer to see which of the thousand company tenements were covered by which claims and vice-versa. The application automatically produced company documents, claim documents and various letters required by government departments as part of maintaining tenement leases. These documents were created in MS Word using Word macros. The company and claim documents where particularly extensive as they provided an up to date account to management regarding all aspects of the company's tenements in relation to Native Title. Extensive work was also done using a third party control (Map Objects) to enable the user to visually see each claim and the tenements it covered or locate a particular tenement. The user could also zoom-in, zoom-out, select a tenement and obtain information about it.


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